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Feb 2, 2013 7:00am PST
of your stay so far in the big easy? >> reporter: the three of us were talking about that last night trying to pick out our favorite moments. we've done that so much, we've been able to tour the beautiful city. so we put together a beautiful package with all the highlights. take a look. >> new orleans. >> new orleans. >> new orleans. i don't know who got that part. >> what does it mean when you see somebody walking down the street with a necklace of beads? >> they're having a great time. >> this is 2010, the day of the super bowl. >> we've got a tremendous reputation as being the tourist destination as does new orleans. that's kind of one of our businesses. >> reporter: we can't say new orleans, but you can't say frisco. >> good. >> oh yeah. >> and we get our sun in every day. >> that's a big difference. >> it's a big difference, yes, definitely. >> it is never closed. we are hope 24/7, 365. >> we get out here all the time. >> i'm telling you they are addicted. >> all of a sudden you can see that there and the towers. literally a basket
Feb 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
reporter shows us, they can't wait until tomorrow. >> the streets are packed with people all decked out in their football best supporting their favorite teams. >> it's pretty amazing. we've -- that was last-minute decision to come down. neither one of us has ever been here to a super bowl, and it's just fun t. hotel we're staying at has a lot of 49er fans. it's fun walking the streets seeing people jazz and had in their gear walk sglarnd for some being here in new orleans is a dream come true. >> we told each other five years ago next time niners go to the super bowl we're coming. here we are. >> their love of the team has been around for years. >> since we were little kids, you know. niner football. you know. every sunday it was eggs, toast 49ers. >> as we've been showing you as the weeks gone on here you can see the crowds getting big and her bigger. more and more people here in new orleans as we head towards game time. we're seeing people in their 49ers jerseys in their 49ers tshg shirts, also in the ravens gear too. the excitement is bilgd. the crowds are getting bigger as we head j
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2